Challenge Unlimited actually serves more than 1000 individuals annually by using horses and the healing environment of Ironstone Farm to help people with physical, emotional, cognitive, and mental health issues. The “magic of the horse” helps normalize muscle tone, increase stamina, mirror a person’s feelings encouraging self-reflection and emotional change, and bring everyone involved to a common ground. So, for the person with physical disability, the body becomes stronger; for the person with emotional and mental health issues, the mind becomes open to positive change; and for all people involved, the horse becomes the great equalizer – enabling children in wheelchairs to play at eye level with their peers, teens at risk to focus on helping others, people with cancer to re-connect with their loved ones, veterans who have experienced trauma, to find security, and seniors with memory impairment to feel joy again. All of this happens weekly at Ironstone Farm!

The challenge we face is that we work hard to earn about 50% of our operating expenses of $1,400,000 each year. That means we must seek about $700,000 each year through contributions – just to continue! We rely on our generous community to reach this annual goal, so we reach out now to you! There are many ways to give - Please consider the ways highlighted on the sidebar to the right!

Whatever choice you make – please know that you are giving a gift that will have far reaching benefits for many people. Your gift is needed – and much appreciated! Thank you for being a valued member of this, our Ironstone Family – and best wishes for the holiday season and new year ahead!

Challenge Unlimited mission:

...To provide therapeutic, educational and recreational opportunities using horses, the home, and the working farm environment to help people achieve optimum quality of life.


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